Great Truckers and Good Citizens Too.  

Clearly, there are many advantages to doing business with Riccelli Enterprises. From the size and quality of our fleet, to our experience and customer service, to our leadership position in the hauling of a number of commodities. But that's not all.

Recognizing our responsibility to help protect the natural environment, Riccelli has proudly “gone green.”  As part of this effort, Riccelli recently added to its existing truck fleet, 45 new 2011 Kenworth trucks. These trucks are some of the most fuel efficient and lowest emitting vehicles on the road today. These new vehicles are part of Riccelli’s continued commitment to improve fuel efficiency, reduce emissions and the carbon footprint of the company’s truck fleet.


Riccelli Enterprises, Inc. has a policy of strict compliance with all environmental and health standards:

  • All employees are directed to assure that the operations they engage in are both safe and avoid harming the environment. This means that there is to be no improper dumping of waste;

  • Vehicles should be fueled and maintained in a way that avoids spillageof overflow;

  • Waste products and trash are properly disposed of in receptacles that are suitable for use;

  • Any employee who notes environmental damage that is occurring is directed to cease the operation and call it to the attention of management.

  • In case of spills, employees are directed to call the situation to the attention of management, or local resources that can assist in abatement and/or clean up.

  • Employees who knowingly allow, permit or conduct inappropriate actions do so at their own risk and not at the direction or with the permission of the company. No one is ever authorized or allowed to conduct any operations of process that creates an illegal environmental hazard. Those who violate environmental rules and regulations are subject to the full penalty of the law, which may include imprisonment, and company actions, up to and including termination.

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