The latest addition to Riccellis facilities is a 57 acre site in Fulton, NY.
It boasts 9,000 square feet of office and 128,000 square feet of warehouse space.
  Purchased in 2007 the facility opened in August of 2008 with a two man crew. Four months later the warehouse and campus are bustling with four departments 24 trucks and 8 tankers.  
The first of many projects for the Fulton site is corn storage and transportation. We work with the three main buyers of corn in New York State. Bringing in 35 loads of dry corn a day, each weighing in at 30 tons to be stored and delivered. Once a truck dumps the corn we use a hopper and a stacker to stack the corn for storage. In the warehouse an aeration system is in place for the integrity of the corn.   

We haul distillers grain, wet and dry, to farms throughout NY and a contract transferring and hauling CO2 from train cars to tankers. Riccelli also has a Certified Scale on site and every load gets weighted in and weighed out.

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