A Safety Statement From Our Chairman & CEO  

It is the policy of Riccelli Enterprises, Inc. to operate in a manner that protects our employees, our passengers and the public from harm or avoidable loss to property, health or welfare. We seek to reduce or eliminate, to the extent that can be reasonably accomplished, company and employee involvement in accidents, injuries and losses. Such events are prevented by care and caution, adherence to good safety practices and managing our operations within the mandate of the law. It is these practices that we insist everyone in our company use as guidance in their own actions.

We believe we have a duty to do all we can to conduct our operations in a safe manner, and those who choose to forsake safety limits to “get the job done” are not doing their jobs in accordance with this essential policy.

We will not allow safety to be compromised, and will seek to operate our company in a safe and legal manner.

Safety must take priority over other factors, and it is the responsibility of every employee to assure that unsafe acts and conditions do not occur.

Employees must act in the interests of safety, and if they feel that safety is compromised, they should immediately report the condition or problem to management.

Managers and supervisors must always take into account their safety responsibility, and respond effectively to the concerns of our employees or of the public with whom we share the highways.

Safe operations are based upon adherence to the law, and so, none of our employees must ever commit, permit or condone violations of laws and regulations.

Our commitment to safety is absolute, and as your Chief Executive Officer, my mandate to every employee is that you must place safety as your top priority.

Joseph F. Riccelli
Chairman and CEO


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